Hebrew Class

30 May @ 7:10 pm - 8:00 pm

Hebrew for Adult Beginners or for those in need of a Refresher
Tuesdays, 7:10 – 8:00 PM at 
Starting May 9, we will meet on 7 consecutive Tuesdays through June 20. 
א  ב  ג  ד  ה  ו  ז  ח  ט  י  כ ך  ל  מ ם  נ ן  ס  ע  פ ף  צ ץ  ק  ר  ש  ת
For real beginners — learning to “decode” — i.e. to read Hebrew.  The focus of this 6-week class will be prayerbook Hebrew.  Mostly you will read without comprehension, but you will learn to identify roots that are frequently repeated in the Siddur.  From 7:10-7:50 PM we’ll drill reading starting from ground zero.  For the last 10 minutes we’ll learn some very simple conversational Hebrew.  Unlike English, Hebrew is completely phonetic.  Easier than you think!

Contact Rabbi Amita at ravamita@bajcvermont.org to join the class or for more information.