Brattleboro Area Jewish Community

Congregation Shir Heharim 

In Hebrew, “Shir Heharim” means Song of the Mountains. We are a Reform congregation, and the name reflects our commitment to practice and celebrate Judaism with creativity.

Who are we? We are young families and empty nesters, toddlers and elders, doubters and the devout. We are teachers and students. We are non-Jewish partners and newcomers to Judaism. We are those revisiting the comfort of childhood rituals, and seekers of new rituals and community connections that give meaning to the present. 

Congregation Shir Heharim  celebrates simchas, visits our sick and mourns with our bereaved. We stand with the State of Israel, and care for our planet. We are a community that honors the many different ways we can celebrate life through a Jewish lens. 

If you are interested in any of the events listed to the right, click on the event for more details. Visit the Calendar to see all upcoming services and events. For more information, please contact through the Contact Page.

We hope you will join us.


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