BAJC Human Capital Campaign Pledge Form

Greetings The Board is exploring the possibility of expanding the Rabbi's compensation. This has come about in part due to an increase in both participation and the range of activities supported by the contributions of Rabbi Amita beyond her contractual requirements. To support the Rabbi's efforts, the Board is also considering adding an additional 40 hours per month of support time to the budget. The anticipated annual cost for increasing the rabbi's compensation and the added support time is estimated at $36,000 per year.


Please put the amount you would be willing to pledge per year for two years to support this effort in the box below. This is IN ADDITION to the membership dues you would otherwise pay. Pledges will NOT be redeemed until the Board and the Rabbi have reached agreement on a two-year contract.

If you would be more comfortable talking with one of us, or have questions, please leave your contact information below and someone will contact you soon.