Brattleboro Area Jewish Community

Congregation Shir Heharim

Yom Shlishi, 10 Elul 5778


Hebrew School is now on Sundays!

(See the full school schedule at the bottom of this page)

BAJC comes alive throughout the school year as our students, age 6 - 13, pour in for Hebrew School. Friendships strengthen each year as the kids learn, sing, and play together.

BAJC Congregation Shir Heharim strives to make a Jewish connection with each child’s spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs.  We attempt to give each child a solid foundation of Jewish knowledge within a Reform Jewish perspective, the opportunity to develop their personal beliefs and connections to their faith, and the understanding that Jewish teachings and values can apply to every aspect of their daily life.

Our clergy, faculty and staff seek to inspire a life long pride in one’s Jewish identity; a love of Jewish learning; an appreciation for holidays, understanding of life-cycles, ritual practices and ethical living.


We are thrilled to welcome you and your children to our school family. 

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