Brattleboro Area Jewish Community

Congregation Shir Heharim

Yom Shlishi, 10 Elul 5778


  A community is too heavy for anyone to carry alone.

  - Deuteronomy Rabbah 1:10









Our Board of Trustees:        Our Staff:

  • Laura Berkowitz, Co-President
  • Stephan Brandstatter, Co-President
  • Susan Auslander, Treasurer
  • Anja Siegel, Clerk
  • Rick Gordon-Trustee
  • Moss Linder-Trustee
  • Faith & Abe Schuster-Trustee
  • Kate Tarlow Morgan-Trustee
  • Brian Cohen-Trustee 
  • Diane Shamas - Trustee


Faith Schuster

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To contact any of the Trustees please email them through this form